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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Screenshots Show Different Times

One of the first revealed things about the upcoming new Pokemon games were that they would be taking place around twelve hours apart, with night in Moon being day in Sun. A number of new Pokemon Sun and Moon screenshots recently released by Nintendo have helped show off some more of this time-gap.

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Many Pokemon games have a number of small cosmetic differences despite being mostly identical games; most of the main differences are what Pokemon are available in the game, with at least some being version-exclusive depending on which game you’re playing. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be taking the differences a bit further by changing the times to be the opposite of one another.

In addition to the different times and version-exclusive Pokemon (including the legendary Pokemon), players will find that Totem Pokemon (the larger, more powerful Pokemon that come at the end of the game’s Island Trials) will be different in various areas.

The time zone difference had previously been shown in the Sun and Moon trailers, so the new Pokemon Sun and Moon screenshots will simply be confirming how the game will look at day and night time. The screenshots include the start screens for both versions, along with battles at night and the player choosing their starter at night.

Otherwise, the screenshots show the game’s move-select screen and a mini-map that will help players in navigating around the game’s cities, which could help prevent them from getting lost in the game’s new, more close-up perspective.

You can take a look at the new Pokemon Sun and Moon screenshots farther up this page, but hopefully they and whatever other information Nintendo releases about the game will be able to tide you over until the game comes out on November 18 (in North America) and November 23 (in Europe).