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A Glitch Is Causing Weird Lights In Battlefield 1 Amiens Multiplayer Map

Battlefield 1 has launched with a stellar reception from both critics and gamers alike. The game is being praised for its visuals, gameplay, optimization and more. However, no game is a perfect one, as gamres are experiencing glitches in Battlefield 1.

The most prominent glitch that gamers has encountered in Battlefield 1 that occurs in the Amiens multiplayer map. The glitch is basically a bright light appearing on the map, that manifest in couple of ways. Sometimes it is blinding white light, yellow or red light around the point C. Sometimes it is a blue, red or green screen tint.

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This glitch also affects the map view for gamers, you see the glitch in the image below, by a Reddit user Nucleic_Acid.

Battlefield 1 Amiens Light glitch

The issue is appearing for both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, no matter the drivers. We are hopeful that developer DICE is aware of the situation and will soon fix the issue for the Amiens multiplayer map, so that players can enjoy the game without any interruption.

Also this is not the first glitch appear in the game, as previously a glitch appeared in the game that turned the falling zeppelins into a tornado of fire.

Also Battlefield 1 publisher Electronic Arts is under fire after Tweeting a couple of World War 1 memes, and some community members did not took kindly to it. Many fans has called this “tasteless” and “not a good idea.” While EA has already taken down those memes, and Twitter has supported game developer DICE, that there is nothing to apologize for, the community is being over sensitive.

Battlefield 1 is first person shooter set in World War 1, developed by DICE for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.