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Latest DriveClub Update 1.28 Is Out, New Tracks Added

Latest DriveClub update 1.28 is out, adding 15 more tracks from the VR edition of this game.

DriveClub update weighs around 6GB, so we suggest you to start downloading it as soon as possible in order to enjoy new tracks with your friends.

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However, Evolution Studios (the one behind this game) has been closed down by Sony because of multiple problems.

Evolution Studios has existed since 1999 and has developed a lot of games, including DriveClub. Unfortunately, some problems occurred during the development phase of this game and Sony. DriveClub came out as a good game, but nothing stopped Sony from closing down the studio.

By the way, it seems shutting this studio down was the beginning for a new project.

In fact, Codemasters is working on a new IP and former Evolution Studios Paul Rustchynsky is on board, as he stated on his Twitter profile.

This is a good move for sure.

Two veteran studios meet and their experience in racing games becomes one. We can now start wondering about how this mysterious project will look, but hard work is the only key for success and we’re sure Codemasters will do good.

Their F1 games are having success worldwide, giving them the chance to eventually grow more and more, aiming to be the world’s premier racing game developer.

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DriveClub and DriveClub VR are already out for Sony’s PlayStation 4.