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Players From Myanmar And Iran Lose Access To Origin Library After Sanctions

If you are in Myanmar or Iran, there is a high possibility that by now you have lost access to your EA Games library on PC through the Origin client. Many users from the countries are reporting having lost access to their Origin library.

While the reason given for the restriction would have been justified a couple of months ago, considering the US had placed sanctions on Myanmar, what’s surprising is that most users are reporting a loss of library access after the sanctions were lifted earlier this month.
Origin representatives have responded to the original post on Reddit assuring users that they are working to restore access.

Some users from Iran have also reported similar issues with the block being applied about two weeks ago and apparently that was also in accordance with US laws

In accordance with US law, EA is legally required to restrict online services to residents of countries that are embargoed. This isn’t an EA-specific issue — it’s an issue that impacts all companies offering services that are covered by trade embargoes.

Even if US laws dictate placing a ban on digital services in the said countries, it is surprising that EA is the only digital game distribution service following up on them as users from the region have said that Valve’s Steam service is working just fine.

There is no word regarding a fixed date for a solution to this problem but hopefully, it is soon as it would really bad if someone lost access to their entire game library after years of access, especially if they have spent hundreds of hard earned dollars on those games.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to EA’s distribution service. There are reports dating as far back as September where users from Ukraine lost access to their Origin library and games in it.