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Microsoft Enables Windows 10 Games Offline Play Support

It seems like Microsoft might finally be taking some of the criticism launched towards UWP a bit more seriously as a recent update now allows users to play Windows 10 games offline.

Ever since the launch of Play Anywhere program, one of the biggest criticism the platform has failed is the inability to play Windows 10 games offline, even though the same game on Xbox One can be played without internet connection.

Thankfully, with a recent update, Microsoft has now added this option to Windows 10 as well and Larry Hryb, commonly known as Major Nelson announced it on his Twitter alongside steps on how to make full use of the feature.

The initial setting up process can be a bit time consuming especially if someone has a lot of games but once they enable the offline play on all their games, it smooth sailing from there. Once a specific device is registered to support offline play, users can play their games without having to go online.

Of course multiplayer focused titles aren’t supported by this feature. Users can check whether their game has offline play support or not by going to its Store page and checking out the FAQ section.

To enable Windows 10 games offline, users also need to launch each game individually on the same device. Once this set up is done, all their gameplay hours and achievements will be tracked even when they go offline or lost internet connection.

The Universal Windows Platform didn’t have a smooth launch, and is still far from fixed, resulting in many people dubbing it the next Games for Windows Live due to its lack of many key features such as FPS overlay or added support for other overlays such as Steam In-game or Nvidia Share.

Thankfully, Microsoft has been working hard to improve the experience, although the process might be slower than what some were expecting it to be.