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Devs Considering To Add Luna As A Playable Character In Final Fantasy XV

Less then one month remains before Final Fantasy XV launches and the game has already gone gold and Square Enix has already started to consider the DLC for the game. Recently it was revealed that co-op mode will be added to the game through DLC which will let players play as Gladio, Prompto and Ignis, and it seems that players might be able to play as Luna too.

Speaking with JeuxVideo, Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari revealed that the development team is considering to add Luna as a playable character in Final Fantasy XV and we might see her with her unique abilities and attacks.

However, he did not specified that Luna will be added as a playable character through DLC or will be a free addition, or we will see her struggle through the war while Noctis is out there to defeat the empire.

While the game is not yet released, Square Enix has teased another Final Fantasy game for iPhone and Android. A new teaser website has appeared with a countdown timer, and it seems that Chrono Tiger director, Takashi Tokita, might be involved with this new Final Fantasy game. The teaser site also features beautiful artwork from Yoshitaka Amano.

Final Fantasy XV will not only available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Pro, but will also support PlayStation 4 Pro at launch. However, the game will not take full advantage of it, according to game director, Hajime Tabata.

According to Tabata, the development team did not came to know about the PlayStation 4 Pro long ago, and due to short time they will not be able to take full advantage of PlayStation 4 Pro’s upgraded hardware.

Final Fantasy XV is an open world action adventure game in development at Square Enix and is scheduled to launch on November 29, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.