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God of War 4 PSX Appearance Isn’t Happening

God of War 4 PSX presentation was expected after its first showing at E3 2016. Sony Santa Monica has been working on the game for a while now and it looks to be in a great shape already.

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The demo at E3 2016 showed Kratos and his son working together. We were hoping to see more of it at PlayStation Experience. But it looks like there isn’t anything planned for the game’s PSX appearance so far.

God of War PS4’s director, Cory Balrog took to Twitter to reveal that he is attending the event but sadly, there are no plans to show God of War 4.


God of War 4 is a hotly anticipated game from Sony Santa Monica so naturally, this news disappointed the community who had its hopes up for PlayStation Experience.

There is a lot we don’t know about God of War 4 and if not at PlayStation Experience, maybe we will know more in early 2017. Surely, Sony wouldn’t keep us waiting till E3 2017, would it?

Cory Barlog previously mentioned that Kratos’ son will only play as an assist. There are a lot of theories about who the little boy actually is. One theory is that the boy is born from the womb of Thor’s queen which is why Thor wants the boy dead; Hence, the attack by the giant troll we saw at E3 2016.

God of War 4 is releasing on PlayStation 4 and hopefully, sometime in late 2017. Do you think God of War 4 PSX presentation should have been set?