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Ex 2K Games Employee Reveals How The Company’s Bad Decisions End Up Costing Developers Their Jobs

2K Games might be a very popular and well-liked company when it comes to various franchises such as Civilization, Borderlands, NBA and WWE but the reality is not so rosy as an ex-employee from Irrational Games recently revealed that the company might be evil along the lines of Konami.

According to the alleged employee, 2K Games has a big history of bad decisions which not only ends up resulting in unsuccessful IPs but also causes numerous job losses because the company can no longer afford to keep a development studio running.

According to the developer, 2K’s constant meddling in various projects has resulted in the projects, which include Mafia 3, to end up being less than stellar.

Apparently, the issue started with the development of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified which performed poorly and resulted in 2K Marin, the developers behind the game, to get shut down. Same was the case with 2K Australia and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The anonymous developer stats that a small crew of 40 people worked at 2K Australia to develop The Pre-Sequel within 18 months. While 2K Games said that the reason for closing 2K Australia was to cover development costs, the developer says it makes no sense as the crew was already very small and paid less than their American counterparts.

2K HQ was very keen on relocating staff to the more expensive Novato office to add to their 150+ person strong ‘Hanger 13’ studio, Hanger 13 spent many years and many 10s of millions of dollars creating ‘Mafia III’ which has recently tanked in reviews and has no hope of ever making its money back (it needs to sell ~8 million full price units to make up for its expenses, it has so far sold well under 1 million units.

Another developer, 3D Realms founder and Duke Nukem creator George Broussard, also shared his views regarding this new revelation and admitted to 2K being a “really shitty company”. Steve Lee, the level designer on Bioshock Infinite, the last title made by Irrational Games, is however not convinced and suggests this post might be a fake.