Destiny Raid Boss Defeated By Just Two Players On Heroic Difficulty

Destiny community is full of players that don’t cease to amaze us with challenging feats they accomplish with in the game. We have already seen that a solo player had defeated the final boss of the Wrath of The Machine raid, this time two player have done something more amazing.

This time players have accomplished another self-imposed challenge, which requires only two players to defeat Vosik, the first boss in Wrath Of The Machine Raid, on heroic difficulty. Heroic mode adds much more complexity to almost every encounter in the Raid, and Vasik is one of the toughest to beat on Heroic difficulty.

However, Twitch streamer Gigz and his teammate Lethal Vendetta has manged to complete the challenge and these two defeated the boss which is overwhelming for a full fireteam of six players, but these two managed to come on top. You can checkout their full run in the video above.

While Destiny: Rise Of Iron is the final expansion to be released, but still it is not a perfect one as there is still a bug, which prevented a top Destiny Clan, Redeem, to be the first to finish the raid in heroic mode. The same clan holds the record for being the very first to complete the raid.

Destiny is a first person always online multiplayer shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.