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Battlefield 1 Weapons Guide – Assault, Medic, Scout, Support

Battlefield 1 is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The title is set in World War 1 and featured weapons inspired by the Great War. There is a host of different weapons to choose from for each class in Battlefield 1.

There are four primary classes in Battlefield 1 – Media Class, Assault Class, Scout Class, Support Class. There are other classes as well that randomly generate on the map by picking up a special kit.

The following guide discusses all of the weapons available for Battlefield 1 classes.

Battlefield 1 Weapons Guide

Assault Class Weapons

Automatico M1918
The weapon was created from half a Villar-Perosa anti-aircraft. It is the first SMG used by the Italian Army that had the magazine mounted on top. In Battlefield 1, is comes with a 25 rounds per magazine capacity.

However, it can do some serious damage  at close strange, especially, on maps such as Ballroom Blitz and Argonne Forest. At mid range, it best to use this weapon in short bursts rather than spraying wildly.

Unlock Level – Zero

The Trench MP 18 has a pretty wide spray and should not be used for long range confrontations. Again, we recommend this one for maps with tight corners and close to mid range battles. The weapon comes with a 32 rounds magazine so spray at close range and bursts at mid range to long range.

Unlock Level – 0

Hellriegel 1915
This weapon was not actually a big thing during The Great War. It never left prototype phase but doesn’t mean Battlefield 1 couldn’t use it. It is a water cooled weapon that unlocks at level 10.  It is an accurate, powerful, and controlled weapon that is perfect for pushing the enemy back, clearing buildings, and take on multiple enemies.

It comes with 60 rounds magazine and should be used on Ballroom Blitz, Argonne Forest, Suez, and even Sinai Desert.

Unlock Level – 10

Model 10-A
The weapon was used by the American army but didn’t last long as it was taken over by the Winchester Model 1897. However, shotguns now are more like Model 10-A so that is a win for it. It is a great close quarter engagements. It is very effective when engaging the enemy within bunkers and buildings.

It comes with a 6 rounds magazine.

Unlock Level – 1

MP 97 Trench 
Another major shotgun used by the American army was one of the most successful pump action shotguns. Just like Model 10-A, it best for close quarter engagements in buildings and bunkers in different maps. However, comes with a 5 rounds magazine, which means you need to make every shot count.

Unlock Level – 1

12g Automatic
Used by the American army, this was the very first widely successful semi-automatic shotgun. It cam pump out bullets at a faster rate compared to other shotguns added to Battlefield 1. Use it for close quarter engagement in bunkers and buildings.

12g Automatic also comes with a 5 rounds magazine.

Unlock Level – 1

Medic Class Weapons

Created in Italy, the rifle was one of the most popular weapon in the army. It Battlefield 1 is will be your primary weapon for Medic Class until you are able to unlock others.

The good news is that is can do a decent amount of damage at close to mid-range. It is effective in Suaz, Ballroom Blitz, Sinai Desert, Argonne Forest, Monte Grappa, Empire’s Edge.

It is very powerful but its 10 rounds only magazine can cause issues if you miss a couple of rounds.

Unlock Level – 0

The semi auto rifle was a popular choice in a popular choice in Battlefield 1. While using mondragon, try to engage enemies at mid-range to long range. You need to be patient with this weapon and don’t afraid to camp certain positions.

Mondragon comes with a 10 round magazine.

Unlock Levels – 1

M1907 SL
With its 21 rounds magazine it is a weapon of choice if you wish to avoid reloading over and over. However, its damage is low and doesn’t do well at mid-range confrontations. Fast reloading being its only strength, M1907 SL should be avoided on most maps.

If you do plan on using its, Suez is a map accommodate such a weapon.

Unlock Level – Zero

Selbstlader M1916
This rifle is exactly what you should be using. It is not only fast to reload but it has the firepower you need. Keep in mind that your main j0b as a medic is to support your team with health packs and reviving using syringe. But if you do wish to bag a few kills as well, M1916 is should be your go to weapon for the medic class.

It is great for Conquest and Operations and do well on pretty much every map available in Battlefield 1.

Unlock Levels – Zero

Selbstlader 1906
We have mixed feeling about this rifle; it can do some serious damage at mid to long range. It takes at 3 shots to kill an enemy but unfortunately there are only 5 rounds in the magazine. It works on all maps but when confronting multiple enemies and trying to flank, you are dead if you can’t reload in time.

Unlock Level – 10

Autoloading 8 .35
This is an odd weapon that should not have 5 rounds. It feels like an SMG on occasion and it is clear that the creators were confused about what to do with it. The first variant of this unlocks at level 1 with on 5 rounds and it useless due to its low fire rate and fire velocity.

If you do plan to use this weapon wait unlock its second variant with an extended clip at level 2.

Support Class Weapons

Lewis Gun
Powerful but inaccurate, these works are enough to describe this weapon. It a very effective weapon but its spread can become to much to handle on occasion. It is best for close range encounters, clearing buildings, and providing suppressive fire for your teams mates.

Unlock Level – Zero

Madsen MG
This weapon is perfect for close range fights and suppressive fire for support class. It is has control compared to the Lewis Gun and can do more damage. You this weapon at Empire Edge’s, Monte Grappa, The ST. Quentin Scar, Amiens,, Sinai Desert.

The weapon unlocks at level 1 but use the level 2 version as it has a little more range.

Huot Automatic
Average damage, low fire rate,  but it is still better than the Lewis Gun in terms of control. Its damage is only 15 per shot which means you need to hit 6 to 7 rounds for a kill.

Unlock Level – 10

M1909 Benét-Mercié
It is one of the best weapons available in Battlefield 1. Support class can really benefit from this weapon. It has really low recoil and it accurate which means each of its 30 rounds can hit the target without a miss.  It is great if you wish to defend the objective and push the enemy back.

Unlock Level – Zero

MG15 n.A.
You will never be short if ammo of you are using this weapon. It comes with a 100 rounds barrel that is enough rip apart multiple enemies before it runs out.

Such a weapon needs to be balanced out to it accuracy is an issue. This means that you need to use this weapon wisely. Suppressive fire and indirect kills is the way to go. Blast at every thing you see and you will be successful.

Unlock Level – 1

BAR M1918
This weapon is faster than MP 18 and can has the fastest reload time out of all support weapons. It is perfect run and gun action so keep that in mind while using this amazing weapon. You can make the most of it on Ballroom Blitz, Empire Edge’s, Monte Grappa, Argonne Forest, Sinai Desert.

Unlock Level – 2

Scout Class

It is a decent weapon and usually takes 2 body shots to kill an enemy. However, a headshot will to the trick with a single bullet. It can do more damage at mid-range rather than at long range which means it can take more than two shots sometimes to kill the enemy. It has 10 round capacity and reloads to quickly which is a plus point.

MKIII is a great entry level sniper rifle.

Unlock Level – Zero

Gewehr M. 95
This has an amazing fire rate and reloads quickly with bolt action. However, it has much more damage capacity compared to MKIII at mid-range. It also takes two body shots to kill at long range encounters. It lack a scope so it is prefered by players who like to quickscope the enemy at close range.

Unlock Level – 2

Russian 1895
It is sort of a better variant of the M.95 as it comes with better fire velocity. However, the fire rate is low but it makes up with its excellent recoil that makes it easier to hit the target. At medium-range territory between 60 and 100 meters, it can do some serious damage.

Its stability and control is really impressive across all variants.

Unlock Level – Zero

Gewehr 98
One of the most ranged weapons in Battlefield 1, this one is a great sniper rifle. Damage is really high at 80 meters and its stability allows for accurate headshots from a distance. It is a perfect weapon for campers who lay in wait and when the moment comes want to deal significant damage.

Unlock Level – 0

The sniper rifle has a range of 98 meters which means effective shots at long range. High velocity, decent fire rate, and almost one shot kills at mid-range. Fao Fortress, Sinai Desert, Suez, The ST. Quentin Scar, are perfect fits for this type of weapon.

Unlock Level – 1

It is a powerful weapon but its reload time and animation is really long. However, the fire power, and velocity make up for it. You would need to make every round count because the magazine is out of ammo, you will need a few seconds you are good to go.

Henry is the best mid-range sniper in Battlefield 1 right now.

Unlock Level – 10

If you have question regarding Battlefield 1 Weapons, take to the comments below!