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Top 10 Things To Know About Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally revealed is most anticipated and much rumored console, Nintendo Switch. But there are still many details about the console that Nintendo is yet to reveal, and those details that were revealed, there is still confusion about them. So, that is why we are doing out list of Top 10 Things to know about Nintendo Switch.

Top 10 Things To Know About Nintendo Switch

#10-  Nintendo Switch Will Have Touch & Motion Controls

In the reveal trailer it shown that Nintendo Switch will have detachable controller that will allow its users to use the console virtually anywhere and how they prefer they use it. However, many are still on the fence about that will the console have touch or motion controls? Which is not as surprising since three of the last four consoles from Nintendo feature touch screens.

Nintendo Switch

According to Lets Play Video Games, Nintendo Switch will have touch and motion controls. According to their sources, the tablet has  a multi-touch screen. There is a possibility that Nintendo avoided to show this feature because it will confuse the consumers. So hopefully it will be revealed soon.

#9- Battery Timing

Since Nintendo is marketing Nintendo Switch as a portable console, so it the question of battery timing for the handheld instantly comes to mind. Since Nintendo is trying to appeal to a wider audience including those who prefer home consoles and those who prefer portability, but Nintendo will have to make sure the battery lasts several hours before it goes out.

Nintendo Switch

According to Nintendo, the battery timing for Nintendo Switch is quite long, as the console was designed so that users could play games as long as possible, even at those places where users don’t have access to a power outlet.

#8- Backwards Compatibility

Backwards compatibility has been quite popular among the console users since the inception of this idea. Since Microsoft is bringing more Xbox 360 games to Xbox One through backwards compatibility, it is natural that fans would also expect Nintendo Switch to support games from Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo Switch hardware

However, Nintendo has clarified that since their upcoming console will not support the physical media of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, the console will not support their games through backwards compatibility. However, there is still a possibility that digital versions of these games will be supported, but we will have to wait for Nintendo to announce.

#7- Memory

As the games features new and complex features the file size for the games has been increasing, and with the ever increasing file size of the games consumers want a console which supports higher capacity to store games.

Nintendo Switch

Given that Nintendo Switch will make use of the cartridges, so users might not even need to install their games on the console like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So the need of internal storage will be minimized. However, one thing is still to consider that how mush storage will be cartridges provide.

#6- Home Console

While Nintendo Switch is an handheld console, users will also be able to play games on their TV by using a dock for the handheld. The console will be capable of running games in full 1080p resolution of TV, but once it is attached to the dock, users will not be able to use the handheld as a controller or such.

Nintendo Switch

We believe that , with this Nintendo is looking to appeal at a wider audience for its upcoming console, those who like the comfort of their home to play games and those who go out quite often and need to lay games on the go.

#5- Multiple Controllers

While this handheld supports detachable controllers, but that is not the only controller option for the users. The console will have multiple controllers. The detachable controllers can be converted onto a pro controller and the console also has separate pro-controller.

Nintendo Switch accessories

As we mentioned earlier, the console will also support touch and motion controls, and the detachable controls can be used for co-op play with friend, where each detachable controller becomes a single controller for the user.

#4- Console Level Graphics

Nintendo has been quite silent about the specs for Nintendo Switch, but the console is powered by a Nvidia Tegra chip, and that is just about it. While we don’t know the specs of the console, but we do know that it will be able to push full 1080p visuals.

Nintendo Switch

Also if the leaked specs are to be believed, which suggest that it will feature a Maxwell based Nvidia GPU and 4 GB of RAM, it seem unlikely that with these specs the console will struggle to play games on a 720p resolution let alone full 1080p.

#3- Games

In the reveal trailer for the console, Nintendo showcased some games running on the console like Skyrim, Splatoon, Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild. However, Nintendo has clarified it, that the games shown in the trailer do not represent the game line up for the console. The reason to show these games is to demonstrate how the console works.

Nintendo Switch screen

Apart from Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild no games have been confirmed for the console. However, since there are dozens of third party publishers and developer partners, we are sure the game line up for the console will be amazing.

#2- Third Party Partners

The main thing the previous Nintendo console, Wii U, lacked was the support from third party publishers and developers. So Nintendo has made sure that it has enough third party games from its partners that the console will be remembered as a legendary one.


We already know that Ubisoft has always been very supportive of Nintendo, but this time Nintendo has the support for developers such as From Software, Epic Games, Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, Platinum Games and dozens more.

#1- Multiple Configurations

From what we have seen about the Nintendo Switch, the most interesting thing has to be its multiple configurations. The console at least has five configurations, and all of them has a purpose. The console has a configuration of a home console where users can sit back and relax and play games, portability, co-op configuration where each Joy-Con detachable controller becomes a d-pad for each player.


one thing is for sure that these multiple configuration make Nintendo Switch the most coolest console out there.

So this was our list of Top 10 things to know about Nintendo Switch. Did we miss any thing that should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments.