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Respawn Entertainment Working On A Titanfall 2 PC Patch To Help PC Users

Considering that Respawn Entertainment’s latest offering, Titanfall 2, has come out not just on the Xbox One but now on the Playstation 4 and PC, it’s no surprise that some platforms may have issues. In this instance, Respawn Entertainment has said they’re working on a Titanfall 2 PC patch to help improve the game’s performance on the platform.

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Considering the wide variety of different PC setups and hardware that have made their way onto PC gaming, it’s more difficult for studios to develop games for multiple platforms and the PC together, so sometimes video games won’t run very well on a PC.

The Titanfall 2 PC patch is designed to help improve the game’s performance on PCs, specifically improving the performance of video cards, and helping machines with underperforming GPUs.

The information came from a Respawn employee on NeoGAF, who goes by the name of DKo5. He made a post on the website’s forums that talked about the Titanfall 2 PC patch and what all it would involve.

Interestingly enough he seemed to be very excited about whatever would be helping machines that whose GPUs couldn’t handle the game, though he didn’t give out very many other details.

Considering that if you don’t have a good enough GPU for a game that’s as high-end as Titanfall 2 is, players that the second portion of the patch would refer to are likely waiting on a way to be able to play the game at a good framerate without having to cut out all of the graphics that make the game look as good as it does.

Either way, the Titanfall 2 PC patch will likely not come out until a while from now, so in the meantime players that want the game but aren’t sure if their computer can run it can wait and see if the patch will let them run Titanfall 2 on their machines.