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Special Operatives Tell Us What Is Like To Be A Ghost In This Ghost Recon Wildlands Video

Ghost Recon is one of the most popular franchises for Ubisoft, and while the previous games in the franchise were not open world but with Ghost Recon Wildlands Ubisoft has decided to take the series towards a different direction by making the game open world.

Ghost Recon Wildlands features special operatives that are out to destroy the Bolivian drug mafia, and Ubisoft has released a new video featuring real life special operatives detailing how they get things done. In this video, creative director, Eric Couzian, give a little bit of info about the special operatives before the real life ex-special operatives tell us what is like to be a ghost.

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Most of the open world games, specially the AAA open world games, feature different ecosystems and dynamic weather. While Ghost Recon Wildlands will be the first game in the franchise to feature a true open world, but it will not miss out on these features.

According to Tom Isaksen, Senior Character Artist, as game is getting near its release and the team is very proud of the game, specifically Bolivia, which is an authentic reconstruction of the country with 11 different ecosystems. He further added that these different ecosystems combined with game’s day and night cycle will completely change the gameplay.

That along with the game’s full day/night cycle, will change your gameplay completely. Playing missions at night will change your approach to the mission as AI will have different patterns, and enemies will be in different locations.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world tactical shooter in development at Ubisoft Paris, and the game is scheduled to launch on March 7 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.