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Here’s What the PS4 Pro Retail Box Looks Like

PS4 Pro retail box images have surfaced online, giving us a look at the upcoming console from Sony. The PS4 Pro, frankly, looks like a sandwich, but a sandwich that can run games in 4K.

Here’s your first look at PS4 Pro retail box.

As you can see, pretty standard stuff; the box mentions everything the PS4 Pro can or can not do. For instance, it can not run most games in native 4K nor it comes with a 4K blue-ray drive.

The missing drive isn’t really an issue for most who prefer using their machine for gaming only. However, it is an issue for users who wanted to place PS4 Pro in the middle of their entertainment center.

Renowned analyst, Michael Patcher recently spoke about PS4 Pro’s lack of UHD drive. He raised a point that we do agree with.

He explained that users are moving to digital platforms and don’t really use discs anymore. It is a fact, but we don’t think disks will go out of fashion any time soon.

Sony’s Jim Ryan said the following when asked about PS4 Pro UHD drive.

It was one of a number of factors. As we’ve said ad nauseum, this is positioned primarily as a gaming device. Every design decision is taken with the gamer in mind in terms of specifications, functionality, price and various features. All of those things combine with our view that we want to future proof ourselves and increasingly the trend of consuming video content is from streaming services

PS4 Pro is releasing on November 10 for $399, pre-orders are live right now so reserve a unit if you’d like.