No, The Hello Games Twitter Didn’t Say No Man’s Sky Was A Mistake

If you’ve been making the rounds on the internet today, you may have seen that the official Hello Games Twitter page pulled a Miyazaki and declared that No Man’s Sky was a mistake. However, despite what you may think about their first (extremely underwhelming) game, no, the studio did not admit that making the game was a mistake.

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While the Hello Games Twitter did have the thing posted to it, the tweet was not posted by Sean Murray or any of the other Hello Games higher-ups, or really anyone apparently associated with Hello Games. Thus, it’s likely that the studio’s Twitter page was hacked by someone that was jilted by No Man’s Sky and wanted to make their frustrations known.

The fake message is actually the first sign of life we’ve seen from the Hello Games page (or Hello Games in general) in several months, ever since No Man’s Sky came out and experienced a backlash of hype the likes of which haven’t been seen in years.

The game, which promised a wide open, living, breathing galaxy to explore, turned out to have a fairly barren sort of planet maker, with the galaxy nowhere near as expansive and vibrant as promised.

Since then, Hello Games has been pretty much silent on Twitter, only coming out from time to time to notify players of a patch. Whether they’ve kept off of social media to avoid any more backlash or just have nothing to say, Hello Games will likely (hopefully) keep working to make No Man’s Sky better than it was released.

In the meantime, if anyone still plays No Man’s Sky, it would probably be best if you continue to avoid the Hello Games Twitter page, especially if this is the only sort of activity that we’re going to be getting from it for the foreseeable future.