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Halo 5 Anniversary REQ Pack Released For Game’s First Anniversary

Back in 2015, Halo 5: Guardians released on the Xbox One on October 27. Since that day went past yesterday, 343 Industries has decided to release a free Halo 5 Anniversary REQ pack for Halo 5 players to commemorate the game’s release, so you can get some special gear to play with in Warzone Firefight and the game’s regular multiplayer.

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The REQ pack, which is free for all of Halo 5’s millions of players (at least unless you want to buy another, then it’s ten dollars), is called the “Greatest Hits Customization Pack” and contains five items that are each Ultra Rare or higher in quality. So, if you’ve been having bad luck getting any rare things in the Halo 5 multiplayer REQ packs, you should at least get a reprieve from this.

Normally, a REQ pack in Halo 5 contains everything from various weapons (including specifically named ones that are either used by specific characters (such as the Spartan Linda’s “Nornfang” sniper rifle) or are just stronger than other weapons like them, or things like exceptionally powerful vehicles, stances for your Spartan to take in multiplayer, or unique emblems.

The Halo 5 anniversary REQ pack doesn’t contain anything specific, but the possibility of five different ultra rare items (or more, if you want to buy the pack repeatedly) is too good for many serious Halo 5 players to pass up, especially if it’ll give them an edge in either Warzone or the game’s regular multiplayer.

So, if you want an exceptionally powerful shotgun or battle rifle or some other kind of weapon or vehicle, now would be a good time to check the REQ packs that you’ve gotten to see what all the Halo 5 anniversary REQ pack holds for you. You’ll probably just immediately lose those items in Warzone or other multiplayer modes, but hopefully you can at least kill a few people with them before you die and they’re lost forever.