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ARK: Fear Evolved 2 Hits PC, But No News of Xbox One Patch

The ARK: Fear Evolved 2 Halloween patch for ARK: Survival Evolved has been released onto the PC version of the game, but the Xbox One version of the game won’t be getting the same treatment from the game’s developer, Studio Wildcard. Apparently, the fault lies with some unexpected business that kept the team from being able to do both platforms.

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The ARK: Fear Evolved 2 Halloween event alters the game in various spooky ways, ranging from skeleton dinosaurs to creepy costumes (both for yourselves and your tamed dinosaurs), cosmetics, and candy in the form of candy corn drops.

You can even fight two vicious predators: the DodoWyvern on Scorched Earth, or the DodoRex on The Island and The Center.

The cosmetics that you can get in the update include Vampire Eyes, a Werewolf Mask, a Clown Mask, and much more. These will be joining other Halloween items from last year’s ARK: Fear Evolved update. Unfortunately, the update will be missing some things, likely once again due to two of the dev team having to take off and take care of unexpected business.

In this case, the missing features were that wearing the Vampire Eyes or a Werewolf Mask would turn your player into either a vampire or a werewolf. Whether this would have boosted your abilities to something that would have allowed you to kill dinosaurs bare-handed or would have just been for cosmetic purposes, we’ll likely never know.

Despite the disappointment of ARK: Fear Evolved 2 not being properly implemented, Studio Wildcard has said that they will be working double-time to ensure that the game’s Christmas update turns out well, and hopefully will be able to come out at the same time on both platforms.

On the upside for Xbox One owners, Update 744 will be coming to the console soon, bringing with it everything that came with the initial update on the PC including new dinosaurs, the ability to use weapons while riding, and much more.