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WWE 2K17 Patch 1.02 Launched, Here’s Everything It’s Got Inside

WWE 2K17 patch 1.02 has been launched by 2K Games, adding more adjustments to the most recent of the WWE 2K series, which came out on October 11. The patch focuses on gameplay, balance, and custom logos, along with frame rates and online issues, and we’ve got all of the other changes here as well.

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To start off with, we have some of the changes in gameplay. The game has adjusted everything from the submission mini-game (tuned to last longer than it used to), to making sure that Legendary and Hard difficulty AI-characters mess up submission prompts more frequently, fixing exploits with moves that couldn’t be reversed, elimination gauge adjustments, and so many more that I can’t put them all in one article.

Also included in WWE 2K17 patch 1.02 are adjustments to online play, the MyCareer mode, the WWE Universe mode, promos, visual presentation, the create-a-wrestlers, the arena creator, the videos, audio, and even DLC. So, if you’ve been experiencing a lot of matches but have been experiencing frustration due to mechanics that hadn’t been fixed yet, now would probably be a good time to check and see how it works now.

This is only the second patch for WWE 2K17, so there’s obviously still going to be a lot to fix in the game until they get further into the game’s release than two weeks. In the meantime, players can at least take comfort in knowing that 2K Games is making sure that everything in WWE 2k17 that’s bugged gets fixed as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, however, if you really want to see what all got fixed with WWE 2K17 patch 1.02, you can just follow this link to see what all got fixed (and warning you beforehand, a lot of stuff got fixed.) In the meantime, go have fun and see how the game has changed.