Watch Frank Go Crazy In This Dead Rising 4 Halloween Trailer

Dead Rising 4 is less then two month away from launch and fans of the franchise are excited to get their hands on the game. As the Halloween season is approaching near the developers let players celebrate Halloween through in-game events. As Dead Rising 4 will launch way after Halloween, Capcom has released a new Dead Rising 4 Halloween trailer.

The Dead Rising 4 Halloween trailer first appeared on YouTube channel Gameslice. The trailer showcases the customization that players will be able to do with their character, and crafting, which is one of main pillars of the franchise.

While the game will launch later this year, Capcom has also revealed its sales expectations for Dead Rising 4. During Capcom’s financial earnings conference, the company revealed that it estimates Dead Rising 4 to sell 2 million units, and Resident Evil 7 to sell 4 million units.

The reason the sales expectations for Deadd Rising 4 is low compared to RE 7, is that the game is timed exclusive to PC and Xbox One, and also Dead Rising franchise is not as popular as Resident Evil franchise.

Capcom has also detailed the Deluxe Edition for Dead Rising 4. According to the developer, Dead Rising 4 Deluxe Edition will cost $79.99 and will also include the season pass. With this Deluxe edition the players will get Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, The second DLC pack and Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising.

Capcom has also announced that Dead Rising 4 will not feature any timer system, which is infamous among the fans of the franchise. The timer system gave players a certain amount of time to complete the campaign. Fans have mixed feelings about the timer and personally, I’m not really a fan of it.

Dead Rising 4 is a survival horror beat ’em up game in development at Capcom and will launch on December 6, 2016 for PC and Xbox One.