The Last Guardian Music Trailer Revealed, Sony Announced The Composer’s Choice PS4 Music App

The Last Guardian has finally gone gold, and fans could not be more happier as the game will launch on its scheduled date. Team ICO has been revealing new details and trailer for the game, and this time the developers has released the The Last Guardian Music Trailer.

As the name of the trailer implies, it focuses on the development process of the music for the game. Music composer for The Last Guardian, Takeshi Furukawa, explained how he came in contact for this project and how he approached to compose music for the game.

The Last Guardian music trailer is not the only thing Sony has revealed, as the company has also announced The Last Guardian Composer’s Choice PS4 Music App, that will feature 19 tracks which will also be available separately at launch.

The app will support both stereo and surround playback, and will also allow the user to export the tracks as stereo MP3 files.

Owners of the PlayStation headsets will get a special treat. According to Sony, The Last Guardian will feature a custom audio mode for the PlayStation headsets for maximum immersion. But to access this mode players will have to download it first.

Fumito Ueda has been quite vocal about his game, and has shared numerous details about the game. While there is not doubt that he would be proud of the game he has developed, but it is not likely that he would playing The Last Guardian for over a year after its launch.

The game almost took a decade to be developed, and sometimes as a human we tend to forget the original idea over time. According to Ueda, sticking to the original idea of The Last Guardian was a struggle for the team, but they managed to create a game faithful to the idea.

The Last Guardian is set to arrive on December 6, 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog