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Pokemon Sun And Moon Is The Most Pre-Ordered Game In Nintendo’s History

Just a few weeks remain before we get our hand on Pokemon Sun And Moon, and the excitement among the fans is off the charts. Part of the reason for its increasing popularity in the demo released earlier this month and now Pokemon Sun And moon is the most pre-ordered game for 3DS.

It comes as no surprise that Pokemon Sun And Moon is the most pre-ordered game in the history of Nintendo, given that Pokemon are quite popular among gamers and Pokemon Go has been more than successful on mobile devices.

While gamers are waiting for Pokemon Sun And Moon to launch, the only way to distract yourself from the wait is by playing the demo. A lot of data has been leaked by the dataminers, and still the demo has a lot of secrets in it. However, these secrets are date specific or in some cases days specific.

These secrets include talking to other characters in the demo and will receive a valuable item. Players will get a balm mushroom item if they talk to the Pikachu owner in the city hall area, 12 days after starting the demo. So those who started the demo on October 18, they can grab this item on October 30.

Nintendo has also confirmed that Pokemon Sun and Moon won’t feature gyms and HMs. Instead, both of these features will be replaced. According to Nintendo, The Island Challenge Trial will replace Gyms, but it is still unknown that how will it work.

Also players will not be teaching HMs to Pokemon, but all such features will be taken over by Poké Ride.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to arrive on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS. Also Nintendo has announced the 2DS bundles for Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Source: Gamesindustry