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Nintendo Switch 128GB SD Card Support is a New Rumor

Nintendo Switch reveal trailer showcased this new hybrid console. There’s been a lot of talk about it as recent rumor is talking about Nintendo Switch 128GB SD card support.

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This rumor comes from Laura Kate, and it seems Switch will have an SD port underneath the main unit’s kickstand, featuring SD cards up to 128 GB.

Of course this space isn’t enough if we consider that nowadays a single game can weigh more than 40/50GB, so Switch will probably use this space for game saves. Or maybe not. If you think about it, Nintendo 3DS can support SD cards much bigger than recommended and this could be the case for Switch.

Here you can find Nintendo Switch’s launch trailer in case you’ve missed it.

This trailer generated a lot of interest from the gaming community, eventually reaching 10 million views in one single day. Besides Nintendo Switch 128GB SD card support, Nintendo stated that the games showed in this trailer won’t be part of the actual line-up.

They talked about it during an interview with Eurogamer, saying that trailer’s purpose was to show how this console works and focus on the possibilities provided by this console as players will be able to play everywhere they want with the power of a home console.

Another important question regarded Nintendo Switch is backwards compatibility, a topic came out when players noticed Splatoon in the launch trailer.

Nintendo also talked about it and, according to their words, Nintendo Switch won’t be a console linked to the past and no 3DS/Wii U discs can run on this console. Anyhow, old consoles games can be downloaded from the store and played with no worries.

So, Nintendo Switch will be a revolutionary console since players won’t have to think about charging the battery, because it will last long enough to let you play several times.

Nintendo Switch is releasing within 2017.