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Three New Backwards Compatibility Games For Xbox Revealed On Twitter

Larry Hyrb, otherwise known as Major Nelson, has revealed a trio of new backwards compatibility games for the Xbox One over on his Twitter account, adding to the ever-increasing number of games that are coming to the two-year-old service, first announced by Microsoft at 2014’s E3 Microsoft conference.

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The three games in question are a first-person shooter (Rage, made by iD Software), a character action game (Killer Is Dead, made by Suda51 and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture), and a multidirectional shooter (Shred Nebula, developed by Crunch Time Games).

All of these different genres give players a lot of different choices to choose from in the list, and all of them got at least a mostly positive reception.

It also helps that two of the three new backwards compatible games are from big names in the gaming industry, harking back to the days when John Carmack headed iD Software before he came back to iD for the studio working on the critically acclaimed 2016 Doom game that stormed the gaming industry and had everyone glorifying in bloody violence against demons for weeks.

Suda51 has also maintained his reputation for making quirky yet awesome games with Killer Is Dead, which got rave reviews despite not selling well (and now getting another chance by getting on the Xbox One backwards compatibility service).

The third of the new backwards compatibility games for the Xbox One, Shred Nebula, didn’t get as positive of a reception, but if you’re looking for a good arcade game to kill a few minutes in it, Shred Nebula should give you a pretty good experience even if it didn’t get nearly the positive reception as Rage or Killer Is Dead.

To keep up with other games that may be coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility service, subscribe to Major Nelson’s Twitter page.