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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Forms Teased In New Screenshots For Game

Square Enix teased a number of new Kingdom Hearts 3 forms through a few screenshots recently released today, showing off the Guard Form and Power Form. These two forms are the newest iterations of the game’s Drive Mechanic that started with Kingdom Hearts 2, which gave Sora the ability to switch forms that focused on different areas of combat.

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Sora is normally able to use these Drive forms by fusing with Donald or Goofy, and would get a different form depending on which he fused with. However, these new Drive Forms appear to be different.

For instance, the first of the new Kingdom Hearts 3 forms is the Guard Mode, where Sora uses a bladed shield based off of the keyblade you will get from Hercules in the game.

The second of the new Kingdom Hearts 3 forms, the Power Form, actually had its screenshot edited so it wouldn’t spoil the keyblade that Sora could use in it, so instead it looks like a hammer.

Which of these will be magic-focused and which will be focused on physical combat remains to be seen, but they’ll probably remain good ways to get rid of Heartless in the game when you get your Drive mode up high enough. Both modes will then power you up, allowing you to dish out a ton of damage in a relatively short time, for as long as your Drive mode is up.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most anticipated games on the Playstation at the moment, so whenever Square Enix decides to give out an actual release date for the game it’s like the Internet will go nuts, and if it’s the same sort of quality as the first two Kingdom Hearts games were, then Square Enix will have another goldmine on its hands.

Kingdom Hearts doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be released on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One when it comes out.