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How to Play as Titan in Titanfall 2 – Combat Tips, Abilities, Weapons, Movement, Boosts

How to Play as Titan in Titanfall 2 to help you get familiarised with the basic and advanced mechanics of playing as a Titan in the game.

No matter how skilled you are playing as a Pilot, as soon as you take control of a Titan, everything from movement to abilities, weapons, and kits change. While it is very much possible to turn on Auto-Titan Mode and let a Titan operate itself, but it is not nearly as effective as operating it yourself.

In this guide, we have broken down every aspect that we think every new Titanfall 2 player should be familiar with in order to do well in the game.

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Play as Titan in Titanfall 2

In our Play as Titan in Titanfall 2 Guide, we’ve provided an overview of how to effectively play as a Titan with combat tips to help you become a better player.


After a Titan lands on the ground, it is protected by a temporary shield called the Dome-Shield. This shield is capable of absorbing a huge amount of damage but does not last forever which is why you need to get to Titan as early as possible.

Once you have taken control of your Titan, do not immediately head out of your Dome-Shield. Instead, stay inside for a moment and plan your next move. While playing as a Pilot, do not step inside an enemy’s Dome-Shield as it will damage you.


Although Titans are comparatively slower than Pilots, they do have manoeuvres like sprinting and dashing. Although dashing can allow you to gain a sudden burst of speed, it is recommended to use it in order to avoid enemy fire or in order to escape.

Even with your durability, you should not try to jump into the middle of a fight. You should always try to stay with friendly Titans, look out for potential ambushes, and take out Pilots on the rooftops looking for a rodeo attack.

It is important that continuously check the number of dashes available at your disposal. Moreover, before taking on a fight, think of possible exit strategies – you do not want to give enemies a free kill every time you exit your Titan.

Armor and Shield

A Titan’s Armor can be considered its HP which is slowly depleted as you continue to receive damage from enemy Titans and Anti-Titan Weapons. As your Titan continues to take damage, its hull gets exposed, allowing enemies to deal increased damage to exposed parts.

It is important to remember that damage dealt to your Titan’s hull is permanent. However, having a Titan with low health does not mean that you should abandon it – this is where shield kicks in.

Every Titan in the game spawns without a shield which is acquired by installing a Titan Battery inside your Titan. Titan’s Shield can be considered as an extra layer of defence which soaks up the damage and does not let it get to Armor. However, do note that a fraction of damage from Anti-Titan Weapons always gets to Armor, no matter what!

You can continue acquiring Titan Batteries from enemy Titans and installing it inside your friendly Titans to keep them going, even if they are low on HP.

Titan Batteries

As mentioned earlier, Titan Batteries allow your friendly Titans to gain Titan Shield and increase their effectiveness and durability in a fight. There are some game modes in which Titan Batteries can be acquired from pre-determined locations.

However, in most of the game modes, you must acquire Titan Batteries from Reapers and enemy Titans. In order to acquire a Titan Battery from an enemy Titan, you must successfully rodeo attack it and automatically pull its Batteries, dealing damage to it in the process.

It is important to note that in Multiplayer Mode of the game, Titan Batteries can only be acquired and installed by Pilots. In order to install a Titan Battery inside a Titan, you must rodeo the friendly Titan.

Titan Abilities

Similar to Pilots, Titans also have access to a number of abilities. Each Titan in the game has access to multiple Titan Abilities which, when used aptly, can turn the outcome of a fight.


  • Laser Core – Heavy, chest-fired laser cannon
  • Laser Shot – Precision shoulder laser
  • Vortex Shield – Blocks and returns incoming fire
  • Tripwire – Laser-triggered explosive mines


  • Flame Core – Thermite shock wave that engulfs targets along its path
  • Firewall – Fires a directed wall of thermite
  • Thermal Shield – Melts incoming fire and burns nearby enemies
  • Incendiary Trap – Fills an area with thermite, ignitable gas


  • Flight Core – Hover, unleashing rockets at targets below
  • Cluster Missile – Creates sustained explosions on impact
  • Tether Trap – Mine that locks down nearby enemy Titans
  • VTOL Hover – Vertical takeoff hover


  • Sword Core – Electrifies broadsword, empowering attacks and Sword Block
  • Arc Wave – Slows and damages enemies
  • Sword Block – Reduces damage from incoming fire
  • Phase Dash – Quick, directional phase shift


  • Salvo Core – Guided missiles that follow where Tone aims
  • Tracking Rockets – Fires missiles at fully-locked enemies
  • Particle Wall – Force field blocks incoming fire on one side
  • Sonar Lock – Reveals enemies in an area


  • Smart Core – Automatic smart lock-on to targets
  • Power Shot – Knocks back nearby enemies or damages all enemies in its path
  • Gun Shield – Shield deployed around the Predator Cannon
  • Mode Switch – Switch between close-range and long-range precision rounds

Do note that every first ability listed above is that Titan’s Core Ability which is earned by scoring kills and completing other objectives.

Electric Smoke

All Titans in the game are equipped with Electric Smoke, but it is not available right off the bat. After taking control of your Titan, you must complete objectives and score kills in order to earn Electric Smoke – continue to do these and you will automatically be notified of its availability.

It is also important to remember that each Titan only gets one Electric Smoke – except in the case of Counter Ready Kit – so use it wisely. The basic purpose of Electric Smoke is to damage enemy Pilots trying to rodeo-attack you, but you can also use it as an escape tool. While you are escaping, both enemy Titans and Pilots receive damage from Electric Smoke.

Auto-Titans and Doomed Titans

After calling in a Titan, Pilots have the options of turning on one of two Auto-Titan modes. The first one is Follow Mode when, upon activation, makes the Titan to follow the Pilot and engage enemies. It is important to remember that a Titan cannot access all the areas a Pilot can, but it does try its best.

The second one is Guard Mode which, upon activation, makes a Titan hold an area, engage enemies, and defend itself. Whether or not you should turn on Auto-Titan depends on upon the situation at hand, but one thing is certain; Auto-Titan is not nearly as effective as a decent Pilot controlling one.

Coming to Doomed Titans, a Titan enters this state when both its Shield and Armor have completely depleted. During this state, a Titan can still function as normal – firing weapon and moving around – but is extremely vulnerable to exploding from enemy attacks. If not ejected in time, the Pilot inside a Doomed Titan dies upon explosion.

This is all we have on our Play as Titan in Titanfall 2 Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!