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Rejoice! Final Fantasy XV Has Gone Gold

Final Fantasy fans will be happy to hear that Final Fantasy XV has gone gold.

So, development phase is over and people can start to count the remaining days to its release.

However, PlayStation 4 Pro is about to release and Hajime Tabata talked about Final Fantasy XV support for this console.

During an interview with Gameblog, Tabata said that Square-Enix wasn’t aware of PS4 Pro existence until its official announcement and the team obviously didn’t have enough time to work on a support patch for this new console. As a result, Final Fantasy XV will support PS4 Pro enhanced features, but it won’t take full advantage of this upgraded hardware.

By the way, Square-Enix Final Fantasy XV will look more beautiful on PS4 Pro.

Final Fantasy franchise has always been known as a single-player experience and the series never provided a multiplayer experience. Anyhow, things could change as multiplayer modes could be added to the game.

Hajime Tabata talked about this question and he said that the team could consider adding multiplayer features if the fans want this to happen.

This game is coming to console, but a PC version of Final Fantasy XV isn’t releasing anytime soon.

This is what Tabata said about the PC version of FFXV.

If we really started working on a PC version, we would aim making a better version of the already existing game. A process like this would take us more than a year of work and a lot of effort since we should work to adapt the engine and improve the game in a general way.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No PC version at the moment we are writing.