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No One Cares About Missing PS4 Pro UHD Drive: Michael Patcher

No PS4 Pro UHD drive? No problem, says Patcher

By now it is common knowledge that PS4 Pro is missing a blue-ray 4K drive. Part of the community in unhappy about this while folks over at Microsoft are a little too excited about this.

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In such a situation, how can Michael Patcher not say something and enlighten us with his wisdom? According to Patcher, not one actually cares about a 4K UHD drive in PS4 Pro.

When was the last time you rented a DVD or Blu Ray? Almost no one buys DVDs – well, I shouldn’t say that, DVD sales are down by about 50% in the last couple of years – and UHD disc sales are about 5% of the total, so who cares?

You’re talking about such a small slice, why would you build something in to a console that’s going to be obsolete? Now, Microsoft chose to do it, I admire them and respect them for giving us something we don;t necessarily need. But I don’t think anybody cares, I really don’t

What he is trying to say is that the community is going digital and no one really bothers with entertainment content available through retail. That is true, but it would still take a while before hard copies go down for good.

Moreover, Sony offered the same explanation and said that digital content is more popular compared to disks. Also, PS4 Pro is a gaming machine first, and in no way does a 4K blu-ray drive makes your experience any better in that department.

Jim Ryan stated:

It was one of a number of factors. As we’ve said ad nauseum, this is positioned primarily as a gaming device. Every design decision is taken with the gamer in mind in terms of specifications, functionality, price and various features. All of those things combine with our view that we want to future proof ourselves and increasingly the trend of consuming video content is from streaming services

PS4 Pro UHD drive isn’t really an issue but it would have been nice to have one, especially, when a $299 Xbox One S is offering it to its consumers.

PS4 Pro is releasing on November 10 for $399.