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Civilization VI Victory Conditions Guide – Science, Culture, Domination, Religious

Civilization VI Victory Conditions Guide will help you better understand and get the victory type you wish to. There are five different types in Civilization VI – Score, Religious, Cultural, Science, and Domination.

Getting a victory means following certain rules and working under certain conditions. You will also need to complete different projects and use the right leader for the job. However, any victory type is not limited to a certain leader but one may have an edge over another for certain victory types.

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Civilization VI Victory Conditions Guide

Civilization VI Science Victory

  • Launch a satellite into space – Earth Satellite project
  • Land a human on the moon – Moon Landing project
  • Establish a colony on Mars – Build Reactor, Habitation, and Hydroponics modules

You need to do the following to build a colony on Mars

  • Research Nuclear Fusion on the Technology Tree
  • Start the Launch Mars Reactor project from a Spaceport
  • Research Robotics on the Technology Tree
  • Start the Launch Mars Habitation project from a Spaceport
  • Research Nanotechnology on the Technology Tree
  • Start the Launch Mars Hydroponics project from a Spaceport

the following can help you do better and move toward a science win.

  • Campuses should be prioritized in Districts
  • Do not ignore Culture and Religion
  • Create Scientific Wonder, as many as possible but don’t over do it
  • Start working on science project and put them into production as soon as possible
  • Keep your population happy by focusing on Housing and Amenities
  • Recruit Great Scientists to trigger Eureka moments
  • Get Issac Newton onboard

Suitable Leaders

  • Roman Empire – Trajan
  • Arabia – Saladin
  • England – Queen Victoria
  • Russia – Peter
  • Japan – Hojo Tokimune
  • Germany – Frederic Barbarossa

Civilization VI Religious Victory

In order to get a religious win, you need to make sure more than half the citizens in a city are followers of the religion you founded. You will also need to build holy cities to increase the faith your followers.

To win, you need to have the dominant religion in every civilization. You need to focus on culture and religion, unlock The Theology, Divine Right, Theocracy, Kandy comb. Creating holy wonders can really boost your cause.

Keep in mind that historic religions won’t have any bonuses for you, what makes a difference is what choices you make.

Here are some more tips:

  • Always go with God King policy
  • Purchase Apostles by Temples and Missionaries by Shrines to spread your religion
  • Treasury yields can give you a Great Prophet
  • Faith lets you grab Great Persons from different civilizations by using Patronage

Suitable Leaders

  • Spain –  Philip II
  • India –  Gandhi
  • Egypt – Cleopatra
  • The Kongo – Mvemba a Nzinga
  • Arabia – Saladin

Civilization VI Culture Victory

Boost your culture by developing related wonders and increase tourism.

With Culture you need to focus on tourism, increase population, and buildings that put cultural pressure on other civs.  Work for wonders like The Colosseum, Sydney Opera House, Pyramids etc.

Work on Wonders that will give you buffs, resources, and new units. They will boost your empire and even though there different wonders, Cultural ones work the best.

Here are a few tips:

  • Increase your population
  • Provide housing and amenities
  • Build wonders
  • Increase domestic tourism
  • increase foreign tourism
  • Produce musicians, artists etc
  • Increase trade and create trade routes to increase foreign involvement in your civilization

Suitable Leaders

  • America – Teddy Roosevelt
  • Aztec – Montezuma
  • Rome – Trajan
  • England – Queen Victoria
  • China –  Qin Shi Huang

Civilization VI Domination Victory

You need military perks that can lead to a domination victory. For example, America’s Roosevelt Corollary gives you +5 Combat Strength for units on home soil. +1 Appeal to tiles in National Park city. You can also research Rifle Technology to earn Rough Rider unit.

However, achieving such a victory is not as easy as one may think while playing as any nation in Civilization 6. You would need to take over Capitals of other civilizations in order to win, which is difficult when you think about how you need to cross the seas and use your valuable resources. Of course, other civs won’t be happy with your tactics as well.

Keep in mind that if you lose your own capital in the process, you will need to get it back before proceeding. The longer you are at war the harder it will start to get to keep your population happy. Overall, like I said, domination victory is not easy.

Here are a few tips:

  • Early in the game focus on weaker nations who lack technology and production
  • Research Gunpowder before the enemy does
  • Wisely use policy cards to reduce the cost and maintenance of your army
  • Certain cards may reduce costs for certain types of units
  • Develop Military related Wonders – The Venetian Armory – The Terracotta Army, The Great Lighthouse

Suitable Leaders

  • Germany – Frederic Barbarossa
  • Norway – Harald Hardrada
  • England –  Queen Victoria
  • Japan – Hojo Tokimune
  • Scythia – Tomyris
  • Sumeria – Gilgamesh
  • America – Teddy Roosevelt
  • Aztec – Montezuma

Civilization VI Score Victory

At the end of the game, the Civilization with the highest score will win the game.

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