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We Never Promoted No Man’s Sky Multiplayer: Sony

No Man’s Sky multiplayer has been a major pain for all parties involved. Sean Murray has gone on record to say that the game has multiplayer. However, the game itself is a single-player title and no multiplayer mode was a part of the game at release.

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Moreover, Hello Games even tried to hide multiplayer logo with stickers on retail boxes. British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is investigating Hello Games for false advertising.

ASA has been in touch with Hello Games and Valve but what about Sony? Well, Sony has made it clear that it never promoted No Man’s Sky multiplayer. In fact, they never even mentioned it on its product page on PlayStation Store.

We have double checked with the relevant team: In the product description it always said 1 player, but it was portrayed in the media that it might have it.

There was no mention of multiplayer within the product description on the PlayStation Store.

There were also rumors of Sony being behind No Man’s Sky $60 price. The community needs to know that Sony had nothing to do with No Man’s Sky price.

During the first episode of Live with YouTube Gaming, Geoff Keighley addressed the controversy surrounding No Man’s Sky. He explained how Sean Murray enrolled us in a dream and probably talked about features without discussing it with his team to see if something like that was even possible.