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Nintendo Will Reveal More Nintendo Switch Details At Nintendo Switch Presentation

Nintendo Switch details are expected early next year.

Nintendo has finally revealed its upcoming console after month of rumors and speculations. While Nintendo has revealed its third party publishing and developing partners, still there are a lot of details that are yet to be revealed, and Nintendo has revealed when we will hear more about the console.

Nintendo America posted on their official Twitter account that on January 12, 2017 more details about Nintendo Switch will be revealed.

While further details about the console will drop early next month, but Nintendo estimates that its console will sell better than its predecessor. During the Nintendo’s end of quarter briefing, the company revealed that they estimate Nintendo Switch to sell 2 million units by the end their fiscal year.

However, what is interesting is that, the console will launch in March 2017 and the fiscal year will end on March 31, 2017. So, basically Nintendo estimated that their upcoming console will achieve this milestone within a month.

Also, Nintendo revealed during the briefing that the company will not be selling the console at a loss, but the price will be very reasonable and close to the expectations of consumers.

Recently, a report emerged on the internet that suggests Nintendo’s upcoming console generated more interest with in the gaming community compared to PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox one Scorpio.

While it was speculated that the games shown during the reveal trailer of the console will be available at launch, but reality is different. Nintendo has clarified that the trailer does not represent the game line up for the console, and the reason they showed the games was to demonstrate how the console works.

Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017, but no specific release date or price has been announced.