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Zoink Games Announces Upcoming Nintendo Switch Project

Yet another developer has pledged their support to the upcoming Nintendo Switch hybrid console as Zoink Games confirms that they are working on a project for Nintendo Switch.

Zoink Games is currently working on two different projects and it seems like the project for Switch will be a third one the developers have in pipeline. One of their ongoing projects, Fe is under EA Originals label although there is no mention of any platforms for it yet.

Zoink Games’ website was recently updated with this message from the team

We can’t tell you much yet, but we all have really high hopes for the Nintendo Switch, with its versatility and innovative features. And we promise to work our ***** off to produce a high-quality title for the platform – we’re already on it! The dev kit is in our hands and the ideas in our heads.

The company also uploaded a Zombie Vikings and Mario mash-up image on their official Facebook page, probably hinting that their Nintendo Switch project will be a mash-up of both IPs

Zoink Games is famous for their Stick it to the Man! And Zombie Vikings game which the indie developers built out of their Swedish studio, although Stick it to the Man! Was published by Ripstone while Zombie Vikings was self-published.

Both of their previous projects have received generally favorable reviews mainly due to their unique design and fun approachable gameplay. Sounds like the developers are a natural fit for a Nintendo console since the company seems to favor such games over big AAA titles.

Since its announcement, Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic of discussion. The console has received its fair share of criticism due to its hybrid nature, possibly weaker hardware and even resulted in share price dropping by 7% since the reveal.

Many developers and publishers have however pledged their support to the platform call it a unique and revolutionary machine, although some have also denied working on projects for it even after pledging support.