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Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Patch 7.1 Is Now Available For Players

Blizzard Entertainment has released the new World of Warcraft patch 7.1, which is the biggest patch yet for the game’s Legion expansion, and the biggest patch since Legion came out back during the summer. The patch focuses on adding more content, at least one nostalgic dungeon, and player balancing.

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World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion brings what’s likely the biggest threat to Azeroth ever, as the Burning Legion, an extremely dangerous and apparently infinite army of demons have invaded the world in order to destroy it. Various notable characters in the game, ranging from Varian Wrynn to Vol’jin, have already died fighting the demonic invasion.

World of Warcraft patch 7.1 includes a raid that will take players back to the sorcerous tower of Karazhan, formerly home to the Guardian of Azeroth, the mage Medivh. When Medivh died during the Warcraft era after being corrupted by the Burning Legion’s leader Sargeras, Khadgar, his apprentice, became Azeroth’s leading expert on the Burning Legion.

Return to Karazhan will be a five player, eight boss mythic dungeon quest, much like its original form of raid instancing where it was a ten player, level 70 instance, only this time likely more difficult due to the lower number of players and the higher level cap (up to 110) that’s now available for players. In that raid, players will be encountering both old and new bosses.

Also included in World of Warcraft patch 7.1 is the Trial of Valor, a three-boss mini-raid that players can use to bridge the Emerald Nightmare raid and the new Nighthold raid, which will be coming later.

Also included in the patch will be a variety of new quest chains that all focus on a wide variety of threats that are facing Azeroth in addition to the Burning Legion, ranging from the fallen Valkyr Helya to a number of new quests in the Suramar zone.