Rainbow Six Siege Japanese Operator And Season 4 Map Leaked

Leaks and rumors are nothing new to the game industry, and while it annoys the developers and publisher, gamers tend to enjoy these and always wait for more. Almost a year ago the Ubisoft Japan revealed the Japanese Operators for Rainbow Six Siege, but nothing more was revealed about them.

Despite of the best efforts from the publisher and the developers a gameplay clip for Rainbow Six Siege has made its way to the internet which showcases the Japanese Operators, and the upcoming content for season 4.

The leaked video comes from Twitter user Jon Kay. The leaked video showcases the new map, and the player explains which spots are best to make holes in the wall for ambushes and more. Players will also be able to spot the glimpses of the new Japanese defender.

While new downloadable content will be dropping for the game, but there is also a possibility that a new season pass for Rainbow Six Siege might be coming. The possibility of a new season pass comes from a Ubisoft survey that was sent out to different Rainbow Six Sieage players, and asked what and who they want to see in the new season pass.

Before there was even the concept of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft was developing a different kind of Rainbow Six game called Patriots. However, the game was cancelled, and recently Ubisoft explained why. According to Rainbow Six Brand Director, Alex Remy,the team wanted to focus on sustainability of the franchise, and that was to focus on the competitive multiplayer.

He further added that right from the beginning of the development on Rainbow Six Siege the developers used word competitive as they wanted build a game for competition.

Rainbow Six Siege is a first person tactical multiplayer shooter for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.