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PSN Services Down Again This Week Following A Maintenance [Update]

The PSN services now seem to be working fine for everyone. Check it again.

Original Story:

Sony’s PSN services are severely affected following today’s routine maintenance suggesting Sony still might not have a handle on its paid online service.

The PSN maintenance was scheduled for today and lasted about an hour after which many users reported issues with various PSN services. Sony promptly updated their PSN status page which listed all services as offline.

Since then, the issue has been partially resolved as the PSN services are back online, however they aren’t fully fixed and according to Sony, people will still face issues accessing stuff through PSN. The PSN services issue is widespread across the world and players from all PSN regions are reporting issues.

While there is no word yet from Sony regarding the cause of this issue, if it isn’t due to some hiccup during today’s maintenance. Considering the service went down last week as well, it is possible that this might be yet another DDoS attack on PSN.

The DDoS attack in question however didn’t just target PSN as it affected multiple other online services including Paypal and Twitter so if the current issue is due to a similar attack, PSN itself might be the only target this time.

A video emerged recently showcasing a vulnerability in the 4.01 firmware for PlayStation 4 resulting in a linux hack which allows people to inject an exploit into PS4, allowing users to play games such as Super Mario Bros.

Another leak also hinted at Saint’s Row 4 and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture as part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for November. Hopefully, Sony gets these network issues in order soon, even though there is some time before November’s games are available, it will be sad if someone misses out on a game because of PSN issues.

Users affected by the down state of PSN service should still be able to play games offline if they have a physical disc or if their console is set as Primary PS4 in the case of digital games.