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Playstation 4 Linux Hack May Show 4.01 Vulnerability

A new video about a Playstation 4 Linux hack may have shown a vulnerability in the 4.01 firmware update that came out for the Playstation 4 a few weeks ago. The hacking news came from a video at the GeekPwn 2016 convention in Shanghai, China, where the hacking was shown via a live demo.

In this demo, a pair of Chinese computer users use a Linux computer and the Webkit browser, which is used to inject a certain exploit into the Playstation 4. One cut later, and a command line prompt appears that is then used to play Super Mario Bros. While the first use for it in the live demo is innocuous, the fact that this is even possible points once again to possible holes in the Playstation’s security.

This recent Playstation 4 Linux hack is only the most recent version of it; back in the 1.76 firmware update another Linux hack was perpetrated in January, so it shows that apparently Playstation has neglected to plug that security hole despite the huge number of firmware updates between then and now.

Playstation has often been one of the gaming consoles that suffers the most from hacks and downtime, with many console gamers saying that they approved more of Xbox Live than the Playstation Network.

One of the more infamous examples of this was several years ago, when Playstation players had their credit card numbers and other bits of personal information. This was actually a large enough breach that it caused a Congressional inquiry.

However, there is some sort of hope; ever since the Playstation “port” of Linux came out, Playstation has been doing fairly well in making sure that it can’t be used and in plugging up various exploits that people can use for it.

With that in mind, hopefully Playstation can maybe evolve that into plugging up the security holes in the Playstation’s security, and keep people from getting any use out of the most recent Playstation 4 Linux hack.