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Nintendo Switch Will Not Come Without A Dock For Pad

If you’re one of those people that wants to buy a Nintendo Switch, but is buying it more for the portability option with a gamepad and attachable controllers rather than a home console, then you’re out of luck, especially if you wanted that option as a possible cheaper option.

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Nintendo has said that the Nintendo Switch will not be coming without a dock, so you will still be getting both the console and the gamepad as an option for portability. Nintendo has also said that the reason this is a thing is because of issues of communication, such as with the Wii U.

While the Wii U did have the option to play games just on its Gamepad, many people then used the Gamepad exclusively, instead of just as a portable way to play your Nintendo games. Nintendo seems to be making sure that the Switch does not come without a dock for the reason that people won’t just be able to buy the gamepad and think they can just ignore the main console.

This way, the way that the Nintendo Switch is built won’t be confusing prospective buyers, and instead will be allowing players to use the console itself to play the games if the gamepad needs charging, or play the gamepad if they want a handheld experience or to take it somewhere.

While the Nintendo Switch has generated a lot of buzz, there is always the possibility that it won’t be nearly as successful as the original Wii was, and that it will have the same sorts of flaws that the Wii U did. But, considering the buzz that’s generated around the Switch since its reveal last week, hopefully Nintendo can expect a great many sales when the Switch comes out, not just because of the games it will have (with both Nintendo products and various third-party games), but also a new and hopefully better Wii U.