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Nintendo Switch Generated More Interest From Gaming Community Then PS4 Pro And Xbox One Scorpio

last Week Nintendo revealed its much anticipated and rumored console, Nintendo Switch. While there was not much of interest from gamers towards Nintendo, since this console generation started, but things have turned around with the reveal of Nintendo’s upcoming console.

According to a report from ICO Partners, Nintendo Switch generated more interest from consumers compared to Xbox One Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro, during their ads. According to the report, that articles written for PlayStation 4 Pro were 4283, articles written for Nintendo Switch were 3636 and Xbox One Scorpio got the least number of articles 1068.

According to analyst Thomas Bidaux, Nintendo Switch was mentioned in second most articles, but it is just a minor victory, as the real triumph for Nintendo is the media coverage for their console’s reveal. According to the report, 1311 media outlets covered the Nintendo Switch’s reveal, and 1144 media outlets covered the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal, and only 834 media outlets covers the Xbox One Scorpio reveal.

During the reveal trailer, Nintendo showcased some titles running on Nintendo Switch, but according to Nintendo the games showcased in the trailer do not represent the game lineup for their upcoming console. Nintendo clarified that the reason for showcasing those games was to show how their console works.

While Nintendo has been silent about the specs and price for their console, recently, the specs for their upcoming console leaked. According to the leak, the console will feature a Maxwell based Nvidia GPU, 4 GB RAM and more.

Also Epic Games has announced Unreal Engine 4 support for Nintendo’s upcoming console. Epic Games revealed that it would be partnering with Nintendo to help developers bring their games to Switch in Unreal Engine 4.

Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017, but no specific release date or price has been announced by Nintendo.