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This Is How Much The Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Cost To Broadcast

So, if you were on the internet at any point last week, your gaming news was likely filled to bursting with news about the Nintendo Switch, and news from Rockstar Games about the announcement for the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. But do you know how much it cost to broadcast it in the middle of a football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks?

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The answer really isn’t that surprising: football games are some of the most-watched things on American television, which makes them prime advertising space. So Rockstar had to pay through the nose to get the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer up in that timeslot. According to various advertising agencies, putting even a 30-second commercial on that sort of advertising time costs $713,375. The Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer ran for a whole minute, so all in all Rockstar games had to pay $1,426,750 in order to run the trailer once.

On the upside, despite the expense of putting the trailer on a football game’s timeslot, this likely got a lot of Red Dead fans onto the bandwagon of Red Dead 2 and made those that hadn’t gotten it over the weekend aware that a new game was coming out next year.

Considering how popular Red Dead Redemption was and still is, it’s likely that Rockstar thought that the ad was a worthwhile investment, which it likely was. But, whether Rockstar will be able to put another Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer up in another game, however, remains to be seen.

We’ll likely see other Red Dead Redemption 2 trailers in the next few months until Fall 2017, with each one slowly getting more detailed as we get more information, but until then, we’ll have to get used to having little trickles of information until maybe E3 2017, when Rockstar is more likely to give RDR 2 a bit more time to shine.