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Rumor: No GTA 5 Single Player DLC In Favor Of More Online DLC?

A recent post on Reddit posted by a user named GamingSince95 has started a rumor that the GTA 5 single player DLC that players have been looking forward to in various rumors might have just been killed by Rockstar in favor of yet more GTA Online DLC. The Reddit post comes from a NeoGAF thread that itself came from a possible massive leak on the official Grand Theft Auto forums.

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Considering that Rockstar has already released its Cunning Stunts and Finances and Felons DLCs and updates for the Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer component, you would think that they would start following in Grand Theft Auto 5’s footsteps and put more story content in the world of Los Santos like they did with Liberty City with Gay Tony and Johnny from The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned respectively.

However, it seems like either Rockstar hasn’t run out of multiplayer ideas yet, or they want to milk more money out of multiplayer characters by making them spend more money to buy millions of in-game dollars to buy new vehicles like planes, cars, and more.

The multiplayer DLC that will be replacing the rumored GTA 5 single player DLC are a variety of new vehicle and other character DLCs, ranging from a biker DLC to buying mansions, to being able to become animals in free roam, getting hunting licenses, and being able to go to other GTA locations such as San Fierro, Liberty City, North Yankton, and Las Ventures.

The reasons behind this is, apparently, because of the runaway success of GTA Online’s microtransactions model and the Online model in general. To make things even worse, however, both of the map expansion DLCs will even cost an equivalent amount to another full game. However, we’ll just have to see when Rockstar announces any new DLC to see if the rumor is being truthful.