Watch Goro Majima In Action In This Yakuza 0 Trailer

Yakuza is one of the most popular franchises for SEGA, and the developer has been working hard to make the best Yakuza game possible with Yakuza 0. Now SEGA has revealed a new Yakuza 0 trailer focusing on Goro Majima.

This Yakuza 0 trailer focuses on the infamous Goro Majima and what is at stake for him. The trailer is full of action and and also details what part will he play in the game alongside Kazuma Kiryu.

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Recently, SEGA released an gameplay video for Yakuza 0 showcasing the beautifully detailed visuals of the game and Goro Majima himself. In the gameplay showcases that Goro Majima was a manager of a Cabaret, and how he handles his customers. Even if the customer is being abusive, Majima uses his wit and charm to diffuse the situation.

Also the Bussiness Edition for Yakuza 0 has also been revealed and will only be available to those players who pre-order the game or pick up a copy on launch day. Those who digitally pre-order the game will get a static theme for PS4 featuring the two protagonists.

Yakuza 0 is not the only Yakuza game in development, as SEGA has also been developing Yakuza 6 alongside Yakuza 0. Recently, SEGA revealed an action packed trailer for Yakuza 6, which also introduces us to some of the cast members of Yakuza 6.

Sega CCO, Nagoshi-sans has also revealed that Yakuza 6 will sum up the story of Kazuma Kiryu. He also discussed the graphical capabilities of the game and even said that in some scenes players will mistake it for a live action.

The final chapter in the legend of Kazuma Kiryu’ is a huge theme within (Yakuza 6). This was another big influence on my decision to make this game a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Yakuza 0 is set to arrive on January 24, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4, and Yakuza 6 will launch on December 8, 2016 in Japan.