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Rainbow Six Siege Patch 4.3 Finally Arrives on Consoles Tomorrow

Rainbow Six Siege patch 4.3 will finally be arriving on Xbox One and Playstation 4 tomorrow, October 25, after being available for the past two weeks on the PC version of the game. The patch will be fixing a number of bugs and tinkering with the balance of the game, and messes with the character Caviria.

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To start with, Rainbow Six Siege patch 4.3 will be adjusting Caviria in order to prevent an exploit that players have been using in order to avoid being affected during her special ability, where she can interrogate players to find out the location of their teammates.

Previously, players could just leave the game to prevent this, but the patch will now allow her ability to take effect regardless of whether or not the player in question quits in the middle of it.

Some bugs have also been fixed, such as rewards not triggering at the end of a round, headshots through a wall not registering, killing an enemy AI deploying a breach charge making the wall invincible, problems with the Far Cry charm, and more.

In addition to the Caviria works, Ubisoft has also implemented an anti-bullying software with Rainbow Six Siege patch 4.3. In order to address intentional teamkilling, Ubisoft has made it so that any player that kills the same teammate twice will now suffer the same team-killing punishments.

The punishments included with this are being kicked from a match and having a Renown penalty, and being banned from Matchmaking for each subsequent offense for increasingly long periods of time.

While there’s no mention of a permanent ban, players should still try and watch their fire around their teammates so that you don’t end up getting banned by accident. And if any of you get any funny ideas about repeatedly killing a teammate and trying to pretend it was an accident, hope you enjoy the downtime you’ll be getting.