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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage Features Shows Off New Features

An hour of new Pokemon Sun and Moon footage shown by a livestream of the game has given players a bit more insight into what all the game will have in it when it releases next month. Among these include a number of battles (including the Battle Royale type), Pokemon Refresh, and some early gameplay.

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To start off with, Pokemon Refresh is one of the newer things we’ve heard about the game. Back in the days of Pokemon X and Y, GameFreak included the game mechanic “Pokemon Amie”, based on the French phrase mon amie which means “my friend”. In this, you could pet your Pokemon, feed them PokePuffs, and play with them.

Pokemon Refresh is much like Pokemon Amie, and allows you to clean off your Pokemon if they get dirty in battle, play with them, feed them, and even cure them of status ailments. Like with Pokemon Amie, taking good care of your Pokemon will allow them to do things like score critical hits more often, tank hits that would have ordinarily knocked them out, and more.

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon footage also included some early gameplay, such as battles with wild Pokemon, battles against other Trainers, and a segment of one of the two characters going through a Trial, the game’s replacement for gyms.

Also included in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon footage was some footage of the game’s new battle type, the Battle Royale. A four-trainer free-for-all, the Battle Royale features for trainers and their Pokemon going at it in a winner-take all battle.

Pokemon Sun and Moon still has a while to go before it releases on the Nintendo 3DS, but in the meantime all of the sneak peeks we’ve gotten through the game’s demo and the aforementioned livestream are at least helping people to get excited about the game.