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Hideo Kojima Visited Valve and Sucker Punch Studios

Though he’s supposedly very busy working on Death Stranding at his new studio, that doesn’t mean that Hideo Kojima visited no other studios after his little tour several months ago. In fact, Kojima just recently posted a pair of tweets where he talked about paying visits to Valve and Sucker Punch Studios.

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Valve and Sucker Punch are responsible for making some of the best-loved games of the past few decades, with Valve making Portal and Half-Life while Sucker Punch Productions made the Sly Cooper games, along with the Infamous series.

Hideo Kojima visited Sucker Punch around nine months ago, and paid a visit to them again, just in time for Halloween. He even commented on how they decorated their offices. Kojima’s visit to Valve was apparently related to SteamVR, as he mentioned being in an advisory role at PrologueVR, a VR company started by Kyle Cooper.

While it’s likely that Hideo Kojima visited the studios just for fun, there’s also the chance that he visited them in order to address some sort of Death Stranding-related business. None of the developers are talking, however, leaving Death Stranding’s development shrouded in mystery.

The game has gotten a lot of publicity and hype ever since its reveal earlier this year at E3, not just about Kojima developing a game away from Konami’s influence, but also due to the actors that are in it. Not only will Norman Reedus be playing the main character, but Mads Mikkelsen, who plays the titular character in the Hannibal TV series, also might be making an appearance in the game.

We still have no idea of what Death Stranding is really about, but in the meantime, all we can do is just wait from one E3 to the next as Kojima continues to develop the game. During that time we’ll likely hear about other studios that Hideo Kojima visited, but whether it’s about Death Stranding or just a visit, we’ll have to just wait and find out.