Watch First 15 Minutes Of Titanfall 2 Singleplayer In This New Gameplay Video

Just few days remain before we get our hands on Titanfall 2, and fans are excited to get their hands on the game and see what the game has to offer, specially in singleplayer campaign. While the game is yet to be released, but a new gameplay video for Titanfall 2 has made its way on the internet.

The gameplay video showcases the first 15 minutes of Titanfall 2, which gives us the idea of the action that will follow throughout the entire campaign and how the events of the game kick off. This Titanfall 2 gameplay video is full of action and explosions.

Recently, Titanfall 2 was conformed to be available for PlayStation 4 Pro, and many expected that the game will take full advantage of the upgraded hardware and will be a native 4K. However, Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that the game will not run on native 4K.

According to executive producer Drew McCoy, Titanfall 2 will not be native 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro, as 4K demands huge amount of processing power.

It’s not native 4K and I would be surprised if anyone saw native 4K with AAA level games any time soon. It just takes so much processing power. It’s unbelievable amounts of just GPU grunt to do that [native 4K].

However, he did explained that the game will feature more stable FPS while maintaining a higher resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Also the game will receive a day one patch, and contrary to the industry standards the patch will be 88 MB in size. However, the developers did not specified that what will be fixed with this day one patch.

Titanfall 2 is a first person action shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Playstationlifestyle