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Red Faction PS4 Version Might Be Releasing Soon According To A PEGI Ratings Page

According to a recent ratings listing by PEGI, it seems a remaster of the original Red Faction might be coming back as Red Faction PS4, similar to many other PS2 classics that have made the jump.

The rating was originally spotted by folks over at NeoGaf on the European rating system’s website with the game given a PEGI 16 rating. There is no such rating available for Red Faction PS4 version on the ESRB website, American counterpart to PEGI.

Nordic Games, recently rebranded as THQ Nordic, owned the rights to Red Faction IP since THQ filed for bankruptcy in 2013, however the company didn’t release any product related to the franchise.

Since this year marks the 15th anniversary of the original Red Faction, it is possible THQ Nordic might be interested in a re-release for newer systems since the company did express interest in creating additional content or games related to the Red Faction franchise.

It is unclear at this point whether this PS4 version of Red Faction, if it does happen, will be a full-fledged remaster or simply a port of the PS2 version.

Despite being a generally positive rated franchise, Red Faction series died due to poor sales and exceptionally bad reviews in the case of Red Faction Armageddon according to the original developers, Volition.

It is possible that this PS4 version of Red Faction might be a way for THQ Nordic to test the waters and see if people are still interested in the franchise or not. If the new version generates enough interest and hype, it is possible the new owners of the IP might end up creating more games.

There is no official word from THQ Nordic yet regarding the confirmation of this new version but it is unlikely that PEGI would review the game once again and list it up for a new console if no such version exists.