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Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer Doesn’t Show the Game Lineup

Nintendo Switch launch trailer has been explosive. Nintendo finally showcased “Switch”, a hybrid console whose controllers can be detached from the actual device. This Nintendo Switch launch trailer captured people’s attention especially for the games showed in it, among which we find NBA 2K, Skyrim, Super Mario and other amazing titles. Unfortunately, it seems that these games won’t compose Switch’s actual line-up, Nintendo said.

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It has been said during an interview with Eurogamer and, according to Nintendo’s words, the launch trailer aim was to show how Switch works, as users will be able to play games inside their house or anywhere they want thanks to this technology.

More information about the console (including price and the real line-up) will be provided before the March launch, but at the current state the video was nothing but a simple preview.

However, Nintendo is still trying to follow their own idea of gaming.

Nintendo Switch is based on sharing good moments together and to do so, a lot of importance is given to local multiplayer, something that it’s hard to find nowadays.

By the way, Nintendo also talked about backwards compatibility and battery life since the trailer showed Splatoon.

In an interview with Famitsu, Nintendo revealed that Nintendo Switch won’t be compatible with Wii U and 3DS. This console has been thought for the future and it wasn’t necessary to support old games.

Anyhow, it seems players will still be able to download old games from the store and play them without any problem.

One more key feature for Nintendo was to give players a complete and durable experience, and Nintendo surely reached this objective. The battery timing will be quite long and players won’t have to worry about charging the battery or bringing the charger wherever they go.

Nintendo Switch is releasing in March 2017.