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More Nintendo Switch Details Leaked By Trailer Actor

Nintendo has revealed its much anticipated and rumored console, Nintendo Switch. However, there is much to be revealed about the console, and Nintendo has already clarified that no more details will be revealed until next year. But some new details have leaked by an actor who was involved in the reveal trailer for the console.

The actor also has a Twitch channel, and revealed that he knew the name of the console is Nintendo Switch since September, possibly when the trailer was produced. He also revealed that he was a bit shocked as no details were leaked about the console since so many people were involved.

He further added that a black tape covered the logo of the console, so no one could leak the name, and the tape was removed only when the filming started. He said that the units used in the trailer were real Nintendo Switch units, and he is not a big fan of isometric sticks, but the pro-controller for Nintendo Switch is actually more comfortable than Xbox One joypad.

Also Splatoon was the only game that was added post production, and the actors had a Wii U so they could practice with the real feel of playing the game. Rest of the games were just demo that were running in front of them.

Also this not the only leak for the Nintendo Switch, as the specs for the console have been leaked. According to the leak, Nintendo’s upcoming console will feature a Maxwell architecture based GPU, 4 GB of memory and more.

Also Epic Games has announced Unreal Engine 4 support for Nintendo’s upcoming console. Epic Games revealed that it would be partnering with Nintendo to help developers bring their games to Nintendo Switch in Unreal Engine 4.

Nintendo Switch will be available on March 2017, but no specific launch date or price has been revealed by Nintendo.

Source: Gamepur