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Nintendo Has More To Reveal About Nintendo Switch, Reddit May Know What

Nintendo Switch was revealed last week and we have to agree, it is indeed one of the most mobile and portable gaming machines we have seen. There are many unique features the machine packs inside thanks to Nvidia TEGRA chip that powers everything.

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The reveal footage gave us a lot to talk about and we got to know a lot about Nintendo Switch. But there is still plenty we don’t about and Nintendo won’t be sharing anything big before 2017.

The company recently spoke to Wall Street Journal and stated that there is still some things to reveal about Switch that will further generate interest in the console/handheld hybrid.

While Nintendo hypes up upcoming features, Reddit users figured out a few by giving another look to the reveal footage; they found details such as detach buttons for removing the handheld from the dock and controllers.

Unnoticed Features

  • Detach button(s).
  • Start and Select buttons. NOT a D-Pad!
  • Power and volume buttons.
  • Potential shoulder buttons! Sneaky!
  • Pointer functionality? Rubber feet?
  • Stylus slot?
  • SD Card slot?
  • A glimpse of the bottom.
  • Here’s the headphone jack, for those who don’t know how to use their eyes.
  • Yeah, you can charge it.
  • Dock includes USB ports and indicates when the Switch is docked.

Nintendo Switch is releasing in March 2017; its price and release date are yet to be announced. However, rumor has it that it would be around $350.

Nintendo Switch is the company’s last hope of making a mark in the console market. If it fails, Nintendo may end up making games for Xbox and PlayStation.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s latest machine? Intriguing?