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Civilization VI Leaders Guide; Abilities, Traits, Motives and More

Civilization VI is a complex game and often can prove to be overwhelming, especially, for newcomer playing the series for the first time; that is why we are here to help you understand one of the major aspects of the game, Civilization VI leaders!

Each leader in the game comes with his/her own unique traits, abilities, and motives. These can be used and implemented in different ways that can help your selected civilization grow and prosper.

Below is everything you need to know about Civilization VI leaders.

Civilization VI Leaders Guide

American Civilization
Teddy Rosevelt is the leader of the American Civilization. The leader comes with his own unique ability that lets him earn all government legacy bonuses in half the time.

Civilization’s Unique Unit – P-51 Mustang: +5 attack against fighter planes, +2 flight range, +50% experience gain Replaces the Fighter.

Unique Infrastructure – Film Studio: +100% Tourism pressure on other Civilizations. Replaces Broadcast Centre.

Unique Ability – Roosevelt Corollary: +5 Combat Strength for units on home soil. +1 Appeal to tiles in National Park city. Research Rifle Technology to earn Rough Rider unit.

Unique Unit – Rough Rider: Lower maintenance cost, +10 Combat Strength on hills.

Civilization VI Teddy Roosevelt Tips

Much like in real life, Teddy Roosevelt in Civilization VI is better at Cultural strategies and doing his best to make sure America is united.

Admittedly, he lacks notable bonuses in the beginning but his bonuses can use to either maintaining government types for a prolonged period of time of change the type more frequently.

Film Studio and National Park bonuses are crucial for grabbing the Cultural victory. Later on in the game Roosevelt will be able to use units in the Modern Era that are used to maintain peace.

While being on the opposite end of this American hero, you need to be careful of his Big Stick Policy. He does not adjust well with Civilizations that wage war as in favor of peace.

German Civilization
Frederic Barbarossa is the leader of the German Civilization in the game.

Germany’s Unique Ability – Free Imperial Cities: Ability to build one extra district.

Unique Unit – U-Boat: Low cost and extra power in the ocean, can reveal stealth units.

Unique Infrastructure – Hansa: Replaces the industrial zone to receive a bonus production if near a commercial hub.

Leader’s Unique Ability –  Holy Roman Emperor: More combat strength and extra military policy slot.

Civilization VI Frederic Barbarossa Tips

The extra military policy slot can come in handy combined with combat perks.  It is suggested that you don’t show aggression (even though Barbarossa can handle combat easily). Working towards peaceful victories but if things go south you can always look to your U-Boat for fire power.

Use the Hansa to boost your production and expand cities. If you are facing Barbarossakeep an eye out for his Iron Crown policy. Avoid mixing up with city-states, he prefers Catholicism and doesn’t gel well with those trying to take over city-states as he himself like to do it.

English Civilization
The leader of England is queen Victoria who ruled from 1837-1901.

England’s Unique Ability – British Museum:  More slots of museum artifacts and produces more archeologists.

Unique units –  Seadog and Redcoat: Seadog is a powerful Naval unit while Redcoat is Victorias unit with different combat buffs.

Unique Infrastructure – Royal Naval Dockyard: Extra bonuses for all ships build here. More gold and admiral points.

Leader’s Unique Ability – Pax Britannica:  A free melee unit for all outside conquered continents.

Civilization VI Queen Victoria Tips

Well, playing as her is different from any other leader in the game. You can go either way – Peace or Chaos; what matter to her is the victory for England. Her unique ability as well as England’s unique unit, Royal Dockyard and Sea Dog, are going to come in very handy.

Working on the British Museum will help you earn different cultural perks and bonuses. You need to keep in mind that playing against Victoria means dealing with her  Sun Never Sets policy. She likes her home continents and doesn’t get along with Civilizations where England doesn’t any presence.

Another helpful tip; she prefers Protestantism.

Greece Civilization
Pericles is the leader of Greece! He replacing  Alexander for the first time.

Civilization’s Unique Ability – Plato’s Republic: Extra Wildcard policy slot.

Unique Unit – Hoplite: Extra Combat Strength, replacing Spearmen.

Unique Infrastructure – Acropolis: +1 Culture boost for afjecent distrcit, wonder, city center.

Leader’s Unique Ability – Surrounded by Glory: Culture boost of each city state you are Suzerain of.

Civilization VI Pericles Tips

The main thing to focus on with Pericles is the Cultural victory. His perks, unique abilities, and bonuses will help in this regard. However, try to play nice with Queen Victoria and Barbarossa.

Additional Wildcard Policy slot works well be his cultural perks and bonuses. Playing against the man means dealing with his Delian League policy. He likes those who avoid trying to obtain the same city states he is.

Congo Civilization
The leader of the Congo Civilization is Mvemba a Nzinga aka King Afonso. He aims to spread Christianity across his empire and keeps in touch with Portugal to help him modernize his empire.

Civilization’s Unique Ability- Nkisi: Relics, Artifacts and Great Works of Sculpture give out more food, productions, and gold for this Civilization.

Leader’s Unique Unit – Ngao Mbeba: This replaces swordsman, more protection against range attacks, see forests and jungles, go through them without movement penalty.

Unique infrastructure – M’banza: It’s a district that can be built early on in the game. It replaces neighborhood and boosts food, productions, and gold.

Leader’s Unique Ability – Religious Convert: He can’t build Holy sites but can use Founder belief of any religion from Kongo cities. Apostle earned after Mbanza or Theatre Square district completion.

Civilization VI Mvemba a Nzinga Tips

From the Medieval era, you can create Mbanza district thanks to Nzinga’s love of rainforests. You need to promote other religions to gain perks and bonuses from them while creating large cities. We recommend using Great Works slots to increase the output of many Great People who can lure to your empire.

You need to beware of his Enthusiastic Disciple when playing against it. You can choose to found a religion but for this, you need to keep in mind that Nzinga gets along with those who bring religion to his empire. He doesn’t deal well with those who don’t bring a religion to his empire.

Roman Civilization
Trajan is the leader of the Roman Empire and he is an excellent soldier. Civilization’s Unique Ability – All Roads Lead to Rome: Cities start with a Trading Post and those near your Capital with get a free road going to them.

Civilization’s  Unique Unit – Legion: Expensive but stronger than Swordsman. They can also be used as military engineers.

Unique Infrastructure – Bath: Provides more amenities and housing, replaces Aqueduct.

Leader’s Unique Ability – Trajan’s Column: Additional City Centre building for new cities.

Civilization VI Trajan Tips

He wants to take control of every land he comes across so throughout the game that’s how he’ll think. He can rapidly expand and use engineering technology  to create his unique Bath district to boost happiness and housing. Use Legions as your defense, build forts.

Beware of this Optimus Princeps policy; he will try to expand and conquer. He prefers being friends with those who control large peices of land.

Norway Civilization
Harald Hardrada is the leader of this civilization and he is also known as the last Viking king.

Civilizations Unique Bonus – Knarr: Work on Shipbuilding technology to enter ocean tiles.

Unique Unit – Berserker: Pillaging costs less and attacking is buffed, but weak defense.

Unique Infrastructure – Stave Church:  Gain extra bonus to faith when next to forests.

Leader’s Unique Ability – Thunderbolt of the North: pillage enemy coastal, use raiding ability to capture prisoners.

Civilization VI Harald Hardrada Tips

You will get early access to ocean tiles so create a dominant naval force using Viking Longships. Focus on  pillage enemy coastal, use raiding ability to capture prisoners. You can also use Stave Church for peaceful religions victory. While playing against Haradrada, avoid his Last Viking King policy.

His massive naval power is fierce and strangely, he likes other powerful civilizations even though they may end up turning on him.