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Battlefield 1 Update 1.02 Download Has Size And Patch Notes Released

After the rocky launch last Friday (through no fault of EA or DICE), Battlefield 1 update 1.02 has been released, with its download size and the notes on what will be changed made available to the game’s fans. The patch doesn’t include any balance issues, but does fix a number of glitches in the game.

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Also included in Battlefield 1 update 1.02 are a number of user interface and graphics adjustments, but the glitch fixes are the most numerous of the bunch that are coming in the update, which released today.

To start off with, the glitches that the update fixes include fixing things like soft freezing during the game’s single-player, fixing a few client crashes, issues with players not getting skins back when scrapping weapons and issues experienced when attempting to join multiple servers, players experiencing issues on using the A and X buttons when playing on PC while using an Xbox One controller, and more.

When it comes to the user interface in Battlefield 1 update 1.02, various adjustments have been made to both the multiplayer and the story modes. For instance, it fixed an issue in the first campaign mission, “Through Mud and Blood”, where no new objectives would appear. Other players would experience the “End of round” screen not loading, an issue where players were missing the dog tag counter, wrong info on the loading screen, and more.

Finally, the graphics adjustments have addressed soldier animation glitches, a graphical glitch when exiting War Story to go to the main menu, icon overlapping, graphical issue causing shadow artifacts, and more.

So, while it’s likely that there won’t be balancing for the game’s weaponry until either the next patch or some patch in the future, players can start playing Battlefield 1 with the assurance that it’ll be a bit smoother when they turn the game on.